The Ins and Outs of Taking Beach Trips With Your Pup

Taking a vacation with your dog can do wonders for fostering your bond. There’s nothing quite like spending quality time at the beach with your pup in tow and reaping all the rewards that come with it! 

But let’s be honest — it can be challenging to make time for and plan such an adventure. That’s why 99beaches has shared some information and advice for taking Fido on a relaxing and fun trip while keeping everyone involved happy, healthy, and safe!

The Benefits of Beach Time With Your Dog

One of the primary reasons to go on vacation is to get much-needed rest and relaxation. Adding your dog into the mix provides the perfect platform for strengthening your bond and making new memories together. Not only will both of you be able to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and surf; you can also indulge in swimming, playing fetch, chasing seagulls, and any number of other outdoor activities.

Keep in mind that most beaches are open 2/7, so you can plan your trip around work and other life commitments. Just make sure you have the tools and equipment necessary to knock out your tasks remotely!

The Best Beaches for Dogs

There are a wealth of beaches in the United States that can serve as the ideal destination for you and your pup. Here are a few of the many beaches that are especially pet-friendly:

  • California’s Huntington Dog Beach
  • Florida’s Hollywood North Beach Park 
  • Hawaii’s Oneloa Bay
  • Texas’s South Padre Island

You might also want to look into Cannon Beach in Oregon, which is one of the pristine destinations for romantic getaways and family vacations. Before packing up your car for the drive, make sure dogs are allowed at all times and see if there are any restrictions on when they can visit the beach, such as during specific months or after dark.

How To Take Time off Work (the Right Way)

While you may be able to work remotely on your vacation, sometimes it’s best just to take time off work so you can fully immerse yourself in making new memories and relaxing. That said, it can be challenging to coordinate it around other commitments or trips your family has already planned. 

The key is to plan ahead as much as possible so everyone has plenty of time to adjust their schedules (and expectations) accordingly. If possible, give yourself enough lead time between when you book travel arrangements and when you leave so all parties know what is happening in advance.

One idea is to ask for help from colleagues or supervisors who might know how to best manage taking extra days off — without disrupting workflow or causing too much strain on other employees’ workloads. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may benefit from hiring a virtual assistant to handle some of your day-to-day tasks and keep your business afloat while you’re away. You’ll also want to notify your clients that you’ll be out of town!

How To Keep Your Pet Healthy, Safe, and Happy

You can’t have a successful trip without ensuring your pet stays healthy and safe at the beach. Start by confirming with your veterinarian that Fido is up-to-date on all their vaccinations, and remember to bring along any medications they might need while away. You’ll also want to bring plenty of water to keep them hydrated throughout the day, as well as snacks in case they get hungry while exploring the town or playing in the sand! 

Further, keep your pup safe by adhering to the leash laws at your destination (even if they’re well-behaved). And never leave them alone near bodies of water where no one else is around; you never know when something might happen unexpectedly.


A beach vacation with your dog can be one of your most rewarding experiences yet, but you need to take time to plan and prepare before you leave! Remember to research different beaches, make work preparations, and follow the tips above for keeping Fido safe, healthy, and happy. Then, you and your furry companion will be set up for a stress-free and thrilling adventure — from start to finish!

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