South Beach – Miami Beach’s Trendiest Neighborhood

Surfers at the South Beach, Miami

Miles of pristine white sandy beach, colourful and vibrant streets and upbeat, chic atmosphere will welcome you to South Beach! What was once coconut farming grounds, is now one of the most famous and quirky districts that everyone dreams about! It is the perfect place to relax and sunbath by day and to go out and party by night! If you are looking for your next summer holiday destination, look no further. Visit South Beach – Miami Beach’s Trendiest Neighborhood. 

Location of South Beach

Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach is a cool quirky neighborhood located on the eastern side of the city of Miami. This district started developing back in the 1910s as one of the first section in the region, and it is now part of the city of Miami Beach. Nowadays, South Beach is a well-known place that never sleeps with numerous different nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Getting to South Beach

At just 13 miles to the west of South Beach, you can find Miami International Airport, which makes getting to the district and beach extremely easy and quick. You can get the convenient express bus from the Airport for $3 and in less than 30 minutes you can be feeling the soft sand under your toes at South Beach. Another option is to get a taxi with a flat rate of $35. Check out the best flight deals.

When to Visit

As the sunshine state, Florida enjoys warm sunny days year-round. As a result visitors love visiting the state’s different beaches any time of the year. Some of the best times to visit South Beach and the Miami area, however, is around March and May when the average temperatures are around 70s and 80s. Always keep in mind that, while this area has a very pleasant warm climate, it also experiences heavy hurricanes during the summer months. Rains are quite likely as well, so you might want to pack an umbrella! 

Staying Overnight at South Beach

As Miami Beach’s Trendiest Neighborhood, South Beach is home to numerous luxurious and boutique hotels. If you are planning on staying overnight, you should certainly treat yourself by booking a room at The Ritz-Cartlon, 1 Hotel South Beach or Gale South Beach Hotel. Camping is not very popular around the South Beach area, however, in closer proximity you can find the campsites at Biscayne National Park, Everglades area and Oleta River State Park

South Beach – Miami’s most popular Beach

Stretching for approximately 2.5 miles, the white sandy South Beach is one of the most popular beaches around the Miami area. The pristine sugary white sand contrasts with the clean blue Caribbean waters, making this the perfect place to spend a relaxing day. Besides sunbathing on the beach, however, South Beach is also a great place to try some water sports, such as kayaking, paddlboarding, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc. Lined with various shops and rentals places, you do not need to worry about anything when visiting the beach. You can also find chic, small bars and restaurants if you want to grab some lunch or sip on delicious cocktails while admiring the stunning Atlantic ocean vistas. 


It might be mostly known for its glamorous white sand, however, the trendy district has a lot more to offer. Keep reading and learn how you can spend your day around South Beach, besides working on your tan! 

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is by far the most well-known street around South Beach. Lined with around 200 designer boutiques and shops, as well as different art galleries and restaurants, it is a place not to be missed. If you have spent the entire morning by the beach, head to Lincoln Road for an afternoon stroll and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere combined with a laid-back beach culture. South Beach is a district where visitors can freely just walk around and you will certainly be able to see this at Lincoln Road. With its mile-long pedestrian promenade, this is one of the most popular spot in the entire Miami area. 

Art Deco District 

Home to more than 900 historic buildings, the Art Deco District is a must-see. Just allow yourself to get lost in between the smaller streets along the iconic Ocean Drive and admire the interesting architectural styles. If you want to learn more about each different theme, such as Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco and Miami Modern, you can either visit the Art Deco Museum or book a walking tour. The district is certainly worth the visit as it is an impressive fusion of modern and old. Every street corner is new and different and will impress you with its unique architectural style. 

Espanola Way 

Once you have admired the old buildings at the Art Deco District, you can head a few blocks away. From the busy streets of Ocean Drive, you can move to the more quiet and peaceful Espanola Way. This part of South Beach is heavily influenced by the Spanish culture. From the architectural style to the the scent and taste of food, this area will make you feel like you are in Europe. Make sure to grab some delicious tapas for lunch or a refreshing drink from the traditional quaint cafes and restaurants.

Night Out

This place never sleeps! The district is home to a large number of nightclubs and bars, which attracts thousands of people every night. After spending the day sunbathing on the beach, tourists get ready to party all night. If you are a party animal as well and like going out for drinks you will absolutely love the glittering vibrant nightlife in South Beach! 

South Beach district certainly has it all from the pristine sandy beaches to the chic and vibrant bars and restaurants! Do you think this is a place you would like to visit? Are you already packing your bags? Make sure to add South Beach – Miami Beach’s Trendiest Neighborhood to your travel itinerary for this summer! 

Surfers at the South Beach, Miami

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