Long Beach – Los Angeles County’s Best Kept Secret

Long Beach, California

Miles of beautiful sandy beaches, stunning blue ocean vistas, waterfront attractions and quaint charm will greet you at Long Beach. Despite its proximity to Los Angeles, the city of Long Beach is often neglected by tourists. It might be known for being a large port city, yet, it has a very nice peaceful feel to it. Plan a unique, laid-back summer holiday this year by visiting Long Beach – Los Angeles county’s best kept secret. 


Situated just 20 miles away from Los Angeles, Long Beach is one of the largest port cities in America. It is also the 7th largest city in the state of California, yet, as you start exploring its streets you will find a very charming provincial feel, combined with lots of waterfront fun attractions and activities. 

Getting to Long Beach

Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, this amazing beach is very easily accessible. Check out the best flight deals. Follow road 405 South and then take 710 South and in approximately 30 minutes you will be able to feel the amazing colorful and beach vibe of the city. 

When to Visit 

Similar to other summer holiday destinations in California, the peak season is around middle of July. Due to the warm temperatures year-round, though, you can also plan a trip around the middle of October when the weather is extremely warm, but not too hot as August and September. 

Staying Overnight at Long Beach

There are numerous options where you can stay there. If you are looking forward to treating yourself, check out Renaissance Long Beach Hotel and Hotel Maya – a Double Tree by Hilton. These are some of the best and highly ranked hotels, which will guarantee you a comfortable luxurious stay. If you are a nature lover and would prefer to go back to basics by camping somewhere in the area, we have a few suggestions for you too! Stoney Harbour is the closest campground to Long Beach perfect for both RVs and tents. From there you can also walk to Bolsa Chica State Park and Sunset Beach. Honeymoon Cottage, Skyfarm Yurt and Urban Glamping are other available options, however, they are a bit closer to Los Angeles than Long Beach, so keep this in mind. 


As you can guess by its name, the city of Long Beach is home to various different beaches, such as the City Beach, Peninsula Beach, Rosie’s Dog Beach and other. Keep reading for more information on each one of them. 

Long Beach City Beach 

As the central beach in the town, Long Beach City Beach is extremely popular among tourists. Back in the times around the 1940s, the beach was known as the mecca for surfing, however, breakwaters were constructed to block the natural waves. Nowadays, the beach is much more suitable for sunbathing and is extremely family-friendly. Lifeguards are also available, however, on some occasions the water conditions might not be the best, so always check before taking a dip. Another reason to visit the beach is the nice walking path that meanders around the beachfront and the green park above it. 

Peninsula Beach 

Situated on the eastern side, you will find a long narrow peninsula dividing Alamitos Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Slightly more remote and secluded the beaches on both sides of the Peninsula are much more quiet and peaceful, which makes them perfect for a relaxing day away from the city’s hustle and bustle. While you can explore both sides, we suggest the Peninsula Beach, which faces to the north. As it opens to the bay, the water is extremely calm and warm and excellent if you would like to go for a swim. If you are looking for some water activities, you can also rent kayaks and paddleboards in this area. 

Rosie’s Dog Beach 

If your furry friends are traveling with you, you should certainly head to the best pet-friendly beach in the city – Rosie’s Dog Beach. Not only are dogs allowed unleashed in this area, but they can also swim and play in the water. If you are looking forward to a day full of outdoor activities, this beach offers various volleyball courts and paved sidewalk, where you can see many bikers and rollerbladers. 


Long Beach does not only offer some beautiful beaches to spend your day relaxing at, it also has various interesting tourists sights that are totally worth the visit! 

Queen Mary 

The fascinating Queen Mary ship, which sailed across the seas around the 1930 – 1960s, is now permanently docked at Long Beach. The ship has been transformed and it now offers daily tours as well as restaurants and hotels. Believed to be haunted, the night ghost tours are quite unique and certainly worth the experience. If you decide not to stay on board the ship for the night, you can still grab some delicious Sunday brunch at Queen Mary. 

Aquarium of the Pacific 

Home to approximately 12,000 animals, the Aquarium of the Pacific is another main attraction. Immerse yourself into this amazing underwater experience and get to learn more about different marine species, such as sharks, otters, penguins, sea lions, colour reefs and more. For the brave ones, the aquarium also offers the unique opportunity to touch a shark or a moon jelly! This is one of the best places to visit for a fun family afternoon. 

Shoreline Village 

Later in the day, you should visit the Shoreline village located along the Marina. With numerous bars, restaurants and small shops, taking a stroll down the boardwalk while enjoying the stunning sunset and listing to live music is the best way to finish your day. The Shoreline Village area is also extremely vibrant with different music festivals throughout the summer. 

Are you ready to pack your luggage? If you are still not sure where to go for your summer holiday vacation this year, look no further. With its beautiful beaches, colourful streets and vibrant atmosphere this is definitely the place to go!

Long Beach, California

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