Best Beaches In US – Top 5 Beaches (2020)

Are you planning your next beach trip? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of The 5 Best Beaches in US for 2020. By Jules Romero

We could all use some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. And what better escape is there than a beach trip? You can go for a swim, get a tan, build sandcastles, or just sit back and relax. 

What if I told you that you don’t have to leave the country to visit a beautiful beach? Conde Nast, a global media company in charge of iconic brands such as Vogue and GQ, released a list of the best beaches in the US. We’re going to take a deeper dive into five of the best beaches on their list.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Grayton Beach State Park – Florida

First on our list is Grayton Beach State Park in Florida. It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the best beaches in America can be found in Florida. After all, Florida is known for its beaches and its beach parties. Grayton Beach consistently ranks as a top beach in the US.

Grayton Beach State Park stretches over 400 acres of beautiful, white sand and a coastal dune lake rich with wildlife. Aside from just swimming, visitors also come here to set up camp at the park and visit its other highlights. Some of the highlights of the visit can even be found underwater!

The beach is also home to the Underwater Museum of Art (UMA). It’s American’s first permanent underwater sculpture exhibit. The thing that makes it so unique is that to view the exhibit, you’ll have to snorkel and scuba dive. The exhibit features seven massive pieces of artwork all found underwater.

By now, you should be convinced that relaxing on the pristine Grayton Beach is the main attraction but is certainly not the only thing you can do in this gorgeous park. Just to drive the point home, let’s see what else you can do during your visit.

For those who wish to go fishing and paddling, Western Lake at Grayton Beach State Park is available to you. If you’d rather spend some time exploring on foot, there are four miles of trails to traverse through.

If you’re going to stay overnight, consider the accommodations at one of Grayton’s campgrounds. There are well-outfitted cabins to make your stay as luxurious as can be.

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Grayton Beach is a State Park in the Panhandle of Florida
5 best beaches in US

2. Caladesi Island State Park – Florida

Next up is Caladesi. Caladesi is accessible via pedestrian ferry boat, private boats, or a long hike from Clearwater beach. Although the on-foot trek may be a long one, it’s genuinely worth it.

The pristine 3.5-mile-long island is surrounded by sand and clear blue waters. Sure, many other beaches provide access to a beautiful view of the ocean. Caladesi offers more than just that. Visitors can also go kayaking and canoeing through the mangrove. Many tourists visit exclusively for Caladesi’s mangroves. The birdlife here is quite diverse. 

Also, consider taking a nature trail hike to the historic Scharrer Homestead through the island’s interior. Walk at a slow pace, and you’ll be able to hear the ocean breeze and genuinely appreciate the expansive live oaks surrounding you.

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Caladesi Island, Florida, USA-November, 29, 2019. One of the few untouched islands along the Gulf Coast. Beautiful view of harbour with boats and yachts docked and tourists walking on the deck. Picture by MargaretW
5 best beaches in US

3. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod – Massachusetts

Next on our list is Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod. Swimming in Cape Cod tends to be reserved for the braver ones, as the sand is coarse, and water temperatures peak at only 60-70 degrees in the summer.

Despite the harsh swimming conditions, views of the Nauset Spit barrier system and bay encourage tourists to pay repeat visits. If you’re the type who likes to take photos on trips, the old Coast Guard station is Instagram-worthy.

Like the other beaches on this list, Coast Guard Beach is consistently recognized as one of the best beaches in America.

The beach is also known for its huge waves, making Coast Guard Beach a prime venue for surfing. Watch out for the seals, though! 

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Lifeguard Chair at Coast Guard Beach just before sunrise. Ocean waves forming near shore. Eastham MA, Cape Cod
5 best beaches in US

4. Coronado Beach, San Diego – California

Coronado is one of the most popular beaches in Southern California, and for a good reason. Coronado’s fine sand, mild surf, and Mediterranean climate make it a fantastic tourist destination all year round.

The beach is excellent for water sports such as surfing. If you surf during low tide, you might even see the beach’s sunken ship!

Do make sure to head to Coronado’s Dog Beach near the northern end of the island. It’s a favorite for dog-lovers who want to play with their pup off-leash. That’s right, Coronado is pet friendly!

Coronado Beach, also known as Central Beach, spans from the famous Hotel del Coronado to Sunset Park.

To access the main Coronado Beach, you’ll have to make your way from Hotel del Coronado, where there are free parking spaces.

The beach is wide and family-friendly. It does get crowded sometimes of the year, but the space is vast enough for anyone to find a place to claim as their own. If you’re lucky, you might even see large and elaborate sandcastles near the hotel. The creators spend hours each day building complex sandcastles.

At lunch or dinner time, you can enjoy any one of the many restaurants found at Hotel del Coronado.

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San Diego, California, United States – August 1, 2018: sidewalk by beachfront cottages of Hotel del Coronado built in 1888, historic Victorian beach resort in Coronado Island, Californian west coast. Picture by bennymarty
5 best beaches in US

5. Bowman’s Beach – Florida

The last on our list of the best beaches in the US is Bowman’s Beach. Despite being easily accessible from the main Sanibel-Captiva Road, the beach remains remarkably undeveloped, in a good way! It’s a family-friendly beach that lacks the crowds of its peers. If you’d like to visit one of the more quiet beaches, Bowman is for you.

Bowman’s Beach is ideal for family picnics. Pack some food and some drinks, and claim a spot near the water. Consider having your dinner here as well, since the sunset is spectacular.

If you like collecting a few natural souvenirs on your trip, you’re in luck. One of the things Bowman’s Beach is best known for is its beautiful and unusual shells. You’ll have to put a little effort, however, into finding the real gems present on this beach.

Many travelers claim that the best method to find shells is to step waist-deep into the water and dig your feet into the sand. You may want to wear some flip flops, however, to protect your feet.

Bowman’s Beach is consistently praised for its excellent shelling and expansive sands. Gone are the days of spending half an hour trying to find a spot to settle down in. At Bowman’s, there’s enough space for everyone. Tourists also enjoy riding their bikes to the beach, as the path is easy to navigate and is relatively short.

Yes, Bowman’s isn’t as developed as other parts of the island. Despite this, there are still different amenities offered. You’ll have access to picnic tables, grills, bike racks, and of course, bathrooms.

It’s best if you pack your food. The closest restaurant is 3 miles away. Another drawback of the beach is the $5 hourly parking rate by the shore. Don’t worry, the beach itself is free to access and welcomes tourists from sunrise to dusk.

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5 best beaches in US


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